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Mardi Gras at the Monastery

On the eve of Ash Wednesday, associates of the Benedictine Health System hosted the 22nd annual Mardi Gras Night at the Monastery, with pizza, drinks and, of course, chocolate. Tom and Brandy of Four Mile Portage in Duluth played Appalachian music on guitar and fiddle and led us in a sing-along.  We were blessed to have Bishop Paul Sirba begin the evening with Eucharist in honor of our patron, Saint Scholastica, and afterwards he joined us in the celebration. 

Bishop Paul Sirba at Mardi Gras

Four Mile Portage

A big Thank You to the people of the Benedictine Health System for bringing a feast every year before our Lenten fast, and special thanks to Tom and Brandy for donating their time and music gratis. Their website is Four Mile Portage.




Sr. Marguerite Baxter and Sr. Annella Wagner

Sr. Agnes Sitter and Sr. Maria Volk


Sr. Donna Schroeder


Sr. Danile Lynch

Sr. Jane Casey at Mardi Gras


Sisters Dorene, Martha, Mary Christa and Pauline at Mardi Gras


Mardi Gras 2016






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