Lenten Retreat: Our Universal Call to Holiness

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Lenten Retreat: Our Universal Call to Holiness

Lenten Retreat with Sister Pauline
On Saturday, February 23 2013, fourteen people gathered for a retreat from 9 to 3:00 p.m.  The theme of the retreat was : “Lent:  Our Universal Call to Holiness.”  The day was filled with input from the presenters:  Sister Ann Marie Wainright, OSB, and Sister Pauline Micke, OSB.  After considering what the Scriptures tell us about holiness and growth in holiness, the participants looked at Chapter V in the Vatican II document on the Church—”Lumen Gentium”— which is titled: “The Universal Call to Holiness” and they considered its connection with living out this call in our everyday lives.

The time for discussion, reflection time, and group sharing was a powerful spiritual experience for the participants.  This is reflected in their evaluations:

“I found the individual sharing and the silent time to reflect most valuable.”

“To understand that everyone is holy and is called to holiness.”

“Best retreat yet for me.  Thanks!”

“The sharing time at the end was so valuable—
       where we listened and held each other’s sharing in sacred trust.”

“Great reflections-good work joining/utilizing the Church documents.”

Some gave wonderful suggestions for future retreats.  Everyone left that day feeling blessed.

Lenten Retreat with Sister Ann Marie

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