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I’m Glad It’s November

I’m glad it’s November. I was without my daily Scripture reflection booklet for the last weeks of October. Somewhere in all my travels, I lost it. Maybe I left it in a hotel room, or on an airplane. Nevertheless, I’m happy now that November is here, and I have my daily prayer aid in hand.

I was really lost without my daily meditation guide. Oh, I had other ways to begin my prayer and daily Lectio, but it was not the same. I missed the feel of the booklet in my hands as well as the familiarity of arrangement of the readings and rich reflections. Truth be told, I am not sure I prayed as well without it or got as much out of the daily Mass readings.

I find that using a daily Scripture reflection booklet such as The Word Among Us, Magnificat, or Give us This Day (just to name a few) is a good way to start my day. It is a way to pray with the readings from daily Mass that invites me to center my day on the Word of God. Each and every day I gain insights from the reflections as I am enriched by the words written from a multitude of relevant and trustworthy authors. Many times, these reflections give me better understanding of the Scriptures. I am more open to the Holy Spirit and better able to enter more deeply into my own prayer.

I am curious. How do you pray with Scripture? What helps you in your daily time of reflections?

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