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Employee Christmas Party

On Thurdsay, December 16,  the Sisters hosted the annual Christmas party for their employees.  They provided ice cream and and all kinds of toppings for making banana splits.

Sister Lois handed out employee pins to members of the kitchen staff. Deb Bowers, Carlos Miller, and Mathew Runnoe received 5-year pins.  Carlos Miller received the 5-year pin.   Sister Luella was in charge of the bananas.

Bananas Make the Split!Bananas Make the Sundae

Sissy Ward, who creates awesome, magical center pieces for our Monastery Receptions and other dinners, received a 15-year pin.  She is on the left below.  Postulant Leilani (on right) helped serve coffee.  She is wearing her postulant medal and her postulant apron (which signifies labora, or work), but not postulant headgear.

Sissy Ward and a centerpiece she created 

  Postulant Leilani

Two Environmental Services employees had received their 5-year pins, Susan Pearson and Liann Valentine, a couple of days earlier.  Sister Marilyn entertained the crowd of about 83 of the employees with a Christmas story about the charms of belief.  

Sister Marilyn reads a story of FaithSister Marilyn reads a story of Faith

Then Sister Lois, Sister Barbara Ann, Sister Sarah, and Sister Martha took turns reading a prayer of blessing which concluded with all present singing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas!” 

Sisters pray and sing a Christmas Blessing upon the employees.Sisters Pray & Sing a Christmas Blessing

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