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Diamond Jubilees

Diamond Jubilarians

On August 15th, the feast of the Assumption of Mary, the Sisters of St. Scholastica Monastery in Duluth, Minnesota, celebrated the Diamond Jubilee of Monastic Profession of three of their members. Sister Agatha Riehl (seventy years), Sister Grace Marie Braun and Sister Mary Rae Higgins (sixty years) renewed their Monastic Profession in Our Lady Queen of Peace Chapel before Sister Lois Eckes, Prioress, and their Community. They publicly read their vows and then signed their Renewal of Vowed Monastic Profession document. In this picture, the assembly is acclaiming the jubilarians for their many years of dedicated ministry to God, the Community, the Church, and to many other people. Father Bill Graham was the presider. In his homily he noted:

“These Sisters, who show us what vigor and faithfulness look like, are surrounded and supported by their Sisters in the  monastic Community, by the one who will pronounce Perpetual Monastic Profession next week, those who will make their First Monastic Profession the week after that, the new novice, the new postulant, and the rest of us as  representative of all the Church.

Their faithfulness reminds us that the keeping of promises and the living of vows is our best witness to the transformative presence of Christ among us. Their faithfulness is a sacrament for us, making present in our midst God’s enduring, transforming love.”

Sisters Who are Sisters!

This picture is not only of Sisters in our Benedictine Community, but also of their familial sisters.

Sisters and their sisters

Sister Barbara Higgins (left) celebrating with her sister, jubilarian Sister Mary Rae Higgins; Sister Claudia Riehl celebrating with her sister, jubilarian Sister Agatha Riehl; Sister Joan Braun with her sisters jubilarian Sister Grace Marie Braun and Sister Mary Mary Carol Braun. Sister Lois Eckes, Prioress, is in the back row. What a great family celebration!

Sisters Lois with Jeanne Marie Lortie
Sister Lois with Sister Jeanne Marie Lortie 
who celebrated her diamond jubilee of
seventy-five years

Sisters Lois and Renee
Sister Renee Cormier celebrated
her diamond jubilee of seventy years

These Sisters are all indeed special diamonds, reflecting the love and fidelity of God for them, for our Community, and all peoples!

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