Deviled Eggs and Banana Bread on Benet Hall

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Deviled Eggs and Banana Bread on Benet Hall

What do you do on a chilly day in Lent? Have a banana bread bake-off and listen to comical music by The Deviled Eggs of Duluth. Clad in banana yellow (and even one banana costume), the Deviled Eggs entertained the Sisters on Benet Hall with hits of the 20s and 30s with a banana theme (Yes We Have No Bananas) or rewritten to include bananas. 

The Deviled Eggs

Sister Sarah Ann and Sister Melanie shake the rhythm eggs


After the music ended, everyone tasted seven different banana breads, baked by caregivers on Benet Hall. The one on the yellow plate was voted number one, but it was a close call; they were all wonderful.

Sister Ramona and Sister Maria judging

 Thank you to the musicians and bakers who lifted our spirits.

The Deviled Eggs







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