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CSS Homecoming!

The Monastery, as the sponsoring body of  The College of St. Scholastica, provides a float each year for the Homecoming parade. Many individuals contributed to its development, and it was applauded by the onlookers.

Sisters participate in CSS Homecoming

Sister Edith gave us an idea that was eventually honed into our tag line, (It’s our history, Saints Unleashed, through education). 

Sisters in Charge of Tossing the Candy

Sister Martha mentioned to our volunteer driver, Lyle Johnson, that an ancient vehicle would help us a great deal, and he went to work arranging such for us, a magnificent 1922 bus.  Mr. Ryan Krois brought the bus from the Brainerd area and pulled it on a trailer for our parade. Sisters Ann Marie and Donna were major players in lettering the four “gold” and blue posters, and the carpenter shop made the framework we used to support them.  Sister Martha made a poster reminding us of the leading role Sister Mary Jean Tuttle, who died last spring, had in last year’s parade. 

Remembering Sister Mary Jean Tuttle   Sisters in Front of Borrowed Buss

  Sister Sarah provided the shuttle service that got us to the staging site.  Sister Lisa took the pictures and several Sisters added to the historical authenticity by wearing suitable attire.   Sisters Judith Ann, Mary Rae, and Donna were bus passengers tossing candy to the crowds.  Sisters Teri, Joan Marie, Dorene, Ann Marie, Gretchen, Martha, and Postulant Leilani walked and carried either a poster or a vintage suitcase.  God gave us fabulous sunny weather for which we were very grateful because the paint we used on the posters was water soluble! 

We were class-y!

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