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Community Welcomes New Postulant

Prioress Lois Eckes (left) greets Leilani Linton. Sister Mary Catherine Shambor stands by her side. Sister Michelle (right) stands ready to take her under her direction.
Prioress Lois Eckes (left) greets Leilani Linton. Sister Mary Catherine Shambour stands by her side. Sister Michelle Dosch (right) stands ready to take her under her direction.

 On the first of September in a ceremony in the Gathering Place outside Our Lady Queen of Peace Chapel, Vocation Director Sister Mary Catherine Shambour presented to the Community affiliate Leilani Linton who read her request to become a Postulant. 




Upon acceptance by the Prioress and receiving a promise of support from the Community, Leilani received a Benedictine cross symbolic of the monastic life, a set of the Community’s prayer books, and an apron representing the Benedictine motto of “Prayer and Work.”   She was then entrusted to  Sister Michelle, Director of Postulants and Novices, and led by the Community into the Chapel for evening prayer.

Postulant book medal and apron As a Postulant Leilani will become acquainted with monastic life.  She will take classes in monastic spirituality, monastic history, and monastic practices, and she will work in various offices in the Monastery. After at least six months, when she and her Director discern that she is ready, they can begin her application process to enter the Monastery Novitiate.

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