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Community Receives New Postulant

In the Initial Formation Rite of Entry as a Postulant, on January 6, 2012, the Community received Paule Barbeau as their newest Benedictine postulant.

Paule asks to be received as a posulant.
Having previously knocked on the Monastery doors asking to become an affiliate, Paule now stands at the threshold of the Chapel asking to become a postulant. Behind her (l-r) are Postulant Elizabeth Farias, Sister Donna Schroeder, Director of First Profession Sisters, and Vocations Director Sister Mary Catherine Shambour.
Having completed the affiliate stage of initial formation, Paule stood at the entry to Our Lady Queen of Peace Chapel and announced her desire to continue her formation as a postulant. 

Paule receives postulant cross
Sister Lois Eckes gives Paule the large medal cross that the postulants wear.
Paule receives hymn books and apron
Sister Michelle gives Paule the symbolic gifts of prayer books and an apron.

Sister Lois, prioress, accepted her on behalf of the Communtiy and bestowed on her the cross that is worn by the postulants.  Sister Lois blessed Sister Michelle Dosch who will be Paule’s formation director for a minimum of the next six months.  Sister Michelle then bestowed on Paule the morning and evening prayer books and an apron, symbols of the prayer and work aspects of the Benedictine motto “ora et labora.Postulant GiftsPaule joins two other postulants at St. Scholastica Monastery, Linda Sellards and Elizabeth Farias.  Sister Michelle is the Director of Postulants and Novices.

Postulants and Director
Standing behind the Chapel’s baptismal font are: Postulant Linda Sellards; Director of Postulants and Novices Sister Michelle Dosch; Postulant Paule Barbeau; and Postulant Elizabeth Farias.

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