Class Begins at Sister Gaudensia Mwanyika’s School in Tanzania

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Class Begins at Sister Gaudensia Mwanyika’s School in Tanzania

Several years ago, Sister Gaudensia came from St. Gertrude Convent in Imiliwaha, Tanzania, one of our Twinning monastic communities, to earn a degree in Education at The College of St. Scholastica. While pursuing her own studies, she was surprised to see students with physical and educational handicaps alongside her in class because, she said, in Tanzania handicapped children are not allowed to attend school.

This inspired her to build a school for handicapped children. After graduating in December of 2015, she stayed a month to raise funds locally, and then returned to Tanzania to begin construction. Thanks to your support, the school opened for classes on January 16, 2017.

She writes, “The first day of my school went well. I started with fourteen children, and hope that the number will increase. Transportation is a big challenge: our school is outside of the city, and we need to purchase a car to pick up the children in the city and bring them to school. Some parents are able to bring their children, but most cannot afford private transportation. But I still thank God and you for all this achievement.”

And we thank God for Sister Gaudensia, who saw a need, rolled up her sleeves, and organized donors and workers to turn it into a reality. May God bless her, her construction workers, and the teachers for helping give these student a brighter future.

Sister Gaudensia's School children









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