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Photo by Joan Silverstein

When I saw this picture on my friend’s Facebook page my mind immediately thought of the story Charlotte’s Web. That classic story is filled with life lessons, none more memorable for me than the lessons of true friendship.

Wilbur and Charlotte make an unlikely pair, don’t they? Do you have friendships in your life that you can’t explain? I do. And, I thank God every day for them and their impact on my life, the inspiration they offer me, and the joy they bring me.

Throughout the story, the friendship of Wilbur and Charlotte grows. What type of growth have you experienced in your friendships? Isn’t that one of the greatest things about friends? They grow with you, you help them grow, and they help you. I can’t imagine going through life without my friends who help me to be the best version of myself.

Wilbur and Charlotte accept each other for who they are. Have you ever felt the unconditional love of true friendship like Wilbur and Charlotte? What a gift! I am grateful for my friends who allow me to be myself with them, in my good moments and my not-so-good moments. 

Wilbur and Charlotte do more together than they could have done on their own. What have you accomplished in your life because of your friends? I bet it’s a long list. I know mine is!

Loyalty is the hallmark of the friendship between Wilbur and Charlotte. Do you remember a time when a friend showed loyalty to you? What a gift! As scripture says, “a faithful friend is a sturdy shelter” (Sirach 6:14).

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“Our greatest fulfillment lies in giving ourselves to others.”
–Henri Nouwen