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Celebrations, Monastery Style

Celebrations “Monastery style” can be summed up in one word, well make that two words:  
ice cream.

Hard packed ice cream and all flavors of toppings.

You name a celebration, be it birthday, jubilee, Holy Day, or holiday, and we have ice cream in grand fashion!

Serving and Being Served

At our gatherings you can count on ice cream being on the menu. 

Sometimes we serve rootbeer floats, other occasions you will be able to make your own sundaes, but no matter the function you can bet on enjoying the cool comfort of dairy heaven!

Thick Caramel Topping!

Aside from ice cream, our Monastery style celebrations are marked by togetherness.  All of our Sisters come join for an old-fashioned, family style get together. 


There are always lots of laughs, lots of stories, and, oh yes, lots of ice cream!

Stories, Smiles, Togetherness – over Ice Cream!




Sister Lisa Maurer

Sister Lisa Maurer was born and lived in Sleepy Eye, Minnesota, before entering the Monastery, She taught and coached in Catholic Schools within the New Ulm Diocese.  Sister Lisa made her first Monastic Profession in August 2009.  She currently ministers at the parishes of St. Lawrence and St. Joseph in Duluth.




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