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Bring Others to Jesus

Do you remember the Gospel story of the paralyzed man and his friends? They literally brought him to Jesus by carrying him on a stretcher and lowering him through the roof (Mark 2:1-12).

Are there people in your life you need to bring to Jesus? Jesus wants to save so many people. He wants to bring healing and light to their lives, but he wants to do it through us. Jesus could have found that paralyzed man without the help of his friends, but he didn’t do that. He chose instead to let others bring the man to him.

Jesus wants us to be involved in his work of salvation. He has empowered us with his Spirit to be his hands and feet in this world. Even without cutting a hole in the roof, there are many ways we can be like those men in the Gospel. Through our prayer and example, sharing our faith and being of loving kindness, we can bring others to Jesus. We can do it by having a heart to heart with a family member, talking to someone at the neighborhood picnic or encouraging a co-worker. We can invite someone to join us at Mass, bring a guest to the next Bible study or offer to pray for someone. Whatever it is, let us do our part to bring others to Jesus!  

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