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Bishops – Guests of Sisters

BSirba-PEckes-BChristenson   Bishop Paul Sirba (left), Bishop of Duluth, and Bishop Peter Christensen (right), Bishop of Superior, were the guests of St. Scholastica Monastery recently (Prioress Lois Eckes center). Bishop Sirba and Bishop Christensen joined the Sisters for evening prayer and were then their guests for supper.
After supper Sister Lois, on behalf of all the Sisters, presented Bishop Christenson, in honor of his twenty-fifth anniversary of ordination, with an icon written by +Sister Mary Charles McGough. She then gave Bishop Sirba, who is celebrating twenty-four years as a priest, a jar of jam made by +Sister Mary Paul Ludwig.  Sister Lois joked with Bishop Sirba saying “If you come back and celebrate your 25th anniversary with us you will get an icon, too!”    Icon to Bishop Christenson
Both Bishops later addressed the Sisters.  In his remarks Bishop Christenson said that he found his time at prayer with the Sisters to be refreshing to his spirit and soul.  Bishop Sirba thanked the Sisters for their work in the Diocese of Duluth and said that he is “touched to the heart by the powerhouse of prayer at St. Scholastica”.
Bishops-blessing-the-Community   In a closing prayer by Sister Lois, she promised the prayerful support of all the Sisters to both Bishops and their ministries.  Everyone then sang Sing with Gladness Overflowing.  And the evening was rightly concluded with a blessing given by the Bishops. 
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–St. Benedict of Nursia, The Rule of Saint Benedict