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BHS 25th Anniversary Commissioning Service

At evening prayers on Wednesday, January 13, the Sisters of St. Scholastica Monastery and the employees of Benedicting Health System and of the Benedictine Health Center, were commissioned in their continued work and prayers for the BHS. Prioress Lois Eckes with Dale Thompson, BHS President/CEO, and Becky Urbansky, BHS SVP Mission Integration/Community Marketing, handed out commemorative pins to BHS and BHC officers and employees.

BHS-25-SrMaryChrista BHS-25-SPatriciaW-BeckyUrbanski-SLois-DaleThompson

Pictured above are, left, Sister Mary Christa Kroening, BHS Senior Liturgical Consultant, and right, Sister Patricia Ann Williams, BHC Preschool teacher, receiving her pin from Sister Lois.

The Sisters created the BHS in 1985 and have been sponsoring the system ever since. As part of the 25th anniversary celebration, all BHS member organizations, about 50 in seven states, will hold services for the commissioning and blessing of their leaders and employees.

Pictured below are, left, map of the 7 states with BHS member institutions, and right, Becky Urbanski, Dale Thompson, Sister Lois Eckes, with Sister Claudia Riehl, BHS Senior Consultant, Benedictine Heritage and Values.
BHS-Map BHS-25-BeckyUrbanski-DaleThompson-SLois-SClaudiaR
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