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Benedictine Friends Meet

Sisters and Students from St. Scholastica Monastery and The College of St. Scholastica, gather for the first event of the school year.

With all the trimmings!All flavors and toppings and yum! Friends, new and established, enjoy conversation and story sharing over ice cream sundaes.

The group involves 24 Sisters and approximately 45 students who meet 3 times each semester.  The themes for the group meetings are centered on prayer, service-projects, and FUN.  The Benedictine Friends Program is coordinated through Campus Ministry and the Office for Mission Integration at CSS.  Sister Mary Rochefort and four students facilitate the group sessions.Sister Mary Rochefort with Assistants

Between group meetings students get together with their Sister Friend on an individual basis.  It’s about building relationships!

Postulant Leilani and Sister Pauline make friends with three students.

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