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Becoming Community: Oblates meet on May 20

Drawing of monks working in the field with a monastery in the background

Becoming Community is the topic for the final meeting of the Benedictine Oblates for this season.  The meeting is on the third Sunday of May — a week later than usual — because of Mother’s Day.  The meeting will be at 1pm at the Monastery. 

This last meeting concludes our theme of Becoming Benedictine, organized around nine topics: 

  • Becoming Benedictine (Intro to Theme)
  • What is Psalmody and Why Do We Do It?
  • Spirituality of the Material World
  • Silence and Solitude
  • Becoming Encouragers
  • Authentic Hospitality
  • Voluntary Simplicity
  • Discernment as a Way of Life (Retreat Day)
  • Becoming Community

What is an Oblate?  Oblates are lay people, Christian women and men, who learn and live by the principles, values and practices of the Benedictine Rule in their everyday lives.  We welcome new inquirers are all of our meetings. 

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