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Another Word on Women’s Lib

In current attempts to extricate themselves from a male-dominated society, women have demonstrated their equality with men in the public arena of life.  Indeed, in some instances, they have evidenced their superiority.  However, if we learn anything from the significant women in history, perhaps intuition is the one womanly characteristic not utilized sufficiently by women at this particular juncture in history. In the past, a woman’s inner wisdom often made her domination assured and with very little effort.  In fact this often occurred without men being aware of it.

Bypassing the more obvious examples of women who were the real rulers behind the throne in bygone days, think of the consternation caused by Mona Lisa’s smile throughout the years.  I have wondered if any artist ever painted a picture of “Our Lady of the Smile.”  It seems the Mother of Jesus, too, had her impenetrable and smile-provoking secrets.  What words could have explained the experiential knowledge she had of being loved to her very depths?  How could she have shared what was happening in her, the great things God was doing in her?  We know the problem that her inability to articulate the wonder of this mysterious certainty caused Joseph.  And then there was the incident of Cana.  Put off by Jesus in what seemed to be a rebuke, she, unperturbed, told the waiters to do whatever He instructed.  She knew by instinct—by intuition—that He could not refuse her request.

Women of the world, use your intuition to bring about a better world.

—Sister Mary E. Penrose, OSB





Sister Mary E. Penrose, OSB

Sister Mary E. Penrose is a Sister of St. Scholastica Monastery in Duluth, Minnesota. She edits readings for the liturgical Hours and writes reflections for the Community. And she is a tutor for the African Sisters attending The College of St. Scholastica. She was editor of a journal, Spirit & Life, for 18 years.


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