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All Souls Day at the Monastery

It is customary in our Monastery to put aside some time on All Souls Day to remember our Sisters who died in the last year. This year we came together to remember in prayer five Sisters whose photos are below:  Sister Mary Rochefort, February 9; Sister Armella Oblak, March 22; Sister Barbara Ann Vierzba, May 18; Sister Jean Maher, July 26; and Sister Jane Casey, July 28.

“Each of the five Sisters we remember today was a strong individual blessed with diverse gifts and talents. Each of them was dedicated, faith-filled, and faithful, self-assured and strong. Each gave unstintingly, humbly, and graciously of herself to us, and to the ministries in which she was engaged. Our gratitude to them and for them is immeasurable.” (Sister Sarah Smedman)

Sister Sarah wrote a short piece about each of the Sisters which recalled her to us poignantly and vividly. Sister Danile read them to those gathered in Benet Hall during afternoon prayers (and they were read again later for all the Sisters in Chapel at evening prayers). After hymns, psalms, and prayers in Benet Hall we were encouraged to enjoy an afternoon snack and exchange stories about these departed Sisters who, being who they were, had provided us many memories to share.

Sister Mary Rochefort, Sister Armella Oblak, and Sister Barbara Ann Vierzba


Sister Jean Maher and Sister Jane Casey

 May they rejoice in the fullness of life with God and all the angels and saints forever!




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