Advent Retreat: “Waiting with the Wise” Dec. 5, 2015

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Advent Retreat: “Waiting with the Wise” Dec. 5, 2015

ST. SCHOLASTICA MONASTERY – Benedictine Center of Spirituality

Waiting with the Wise

Facilitator:  David Allen, Senior Spiritual Care Consultant, Benedictine Health System, Duluth, MN; currently completing Masters in Pastoral Ministry and Theology from St. John’s School of Theology-Collegeville, MN.

This retreat will reflect on the Passing of Wisdom today.

During Advent we hear in the Scriptures a call to “Wait” and “Prepare.”  How does waiting take shape in our own spiritual lives?  How are we living and passing on wisdom, customs, family traditions, stories, and preparations to the next generation?  After all this waiting and preparing, are we ready for Christmas?

Combining Benedictine Monasticism, observations of society and culture from a “millennial’s perspective” and a dash of humor, David Allen will explore these questions in more detail through reflection and conversation.

Free Will Offering
To register:  Call 218-723-6555, or email:

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